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It is Kristen posting today. Katherine and I have been talking about taking her little blog to a whole new level. As  you know I own and operate Kris’s Vintage Clothing shop on Etsy, many times I come across vintage pieces that I can not get a few small stains out of and they make the dress unwearable in public. Katherine and I have decided that instead of letting these still wearable pieces sit around and catch dust, we are going to sell them at a very discounted price for your Dress Up Boxes.

These pieces will be available on this blog and on my Instagram profile only. Eventually I may open a second Etsy shop just for this purpose.

I hope you enjoy our newest endeavor.



Princess having tea


I curated this dress and tea set to give the allure of princess tea party adult style. Using a 1980’s dress, beaded collar necklace and pieces of different tea sets makes this outfit seem feminine and shabby chic without looking to put together.ImageImageImageImage

I’m going to Prom in a Yellow Dress


1970’s Yellow Prom Dress by J.C. Pennys, 1970’s Yellow beads and a cream scarf turned shawl.Image


Vintage Accessories with a modern dress

Yesterday I was playing with different vintage accessories while wearing a modern dress, I love to put pieces from different era’s together and see what the result is. I recently had my hair cut into a pixie cut (think Ginnifer Goodwin pixie cut), so wearing vintage hats has become much easier. Here are a few different looks.ImageImage.



On the Roll…







What I used: 1950’s felt wool cap, black braided wig headband and 1960’s MOD earrings



Blue Flower

What I used: 1960s White with blue flower  wiggle dress, sheer white scarf tied around the waist, Yellow flower scarf tied at the neck and a blue 1960s hat case.


This outfit is fit for traveler in you.

You can purchase this dress at this link:

You can purchase the traincase/tote at this link:



What I used: 1980’s Victor Costa Saks Fifth Avenue Mauve Dress, Vintage Faux Pearl Hip Belt and 1960’s Mauve Sequin with veil hat.


You can Purchase the Dress at this link: 

You can purchase the pearl belt at this link:

You can purchase the hat at this link:


Golden Princess

Pieces I used: 1980’s Cheongsam Kimono Brocade Dress, 1950’s Arctic Fox Stole Wrap, 1960’s Gold Circle Belt and 1970’s 2 strand faux pearl necklaceImageImage


Sparkle Sky

1970’s Blue dress with sheer flowing sleeves and a rhinestone diamond beneath the bust.

1970’s White San Dales sandals

1960/1970s Silver and clear bead necklace.


This outfit could be worn to prom, costume party, wedding, tea/lawn party or to even church. I chose this outfit because I thought each piece would go well together or as Mom says compliment each other.