Hi! It is Kristen, Katherine’s Mom. I just want to share with you what Katherine has been up to. She recently started making earrings for craft shows she attends with my Mother in Law.

Here is a small sample of what she has made recently, I do apologize for the low quality pictures since I used my cellphone to take the. There were that she made that sold at the crafts shows before I got to photograph them. She is selling them for $5.00 plus $2.50 for shipping if you are interested in purchasing a pair. Please comment with your Paypal email and I’ll get an invoice out to you right away.




Vintage Scarf Roll Hair Style

We haven’t posted anything in a while due to life getting in the way, however we are back and ready to take on some new outfits and adding a few hair styles too.

My hair is finally long enough to do a few simple hair styles with. Mom recently has started using this particular hair style on herself almost daily because it is easy to do, looks great and keeps your hair out of your face. She used a tutorial by By Gum, By Golly Blog that gives the best description and pictures as Mom is a visual and kinetic learning.

As we didn’t have time, Mom just did a small hair bump instead of a small victory roll in the front and pinned it down with 2 bobby pins. She has found using cotton scarfs or bandanna’s work the best in our hair as it is very fine and soft. We also did curl my hair because it is only just now shoulder length and again we were pressed from time this morning. Mom will braid her hair while it is wet and let it dry which will give her hair some body as she can’t curl her hair to save her life.


It isn’t perfect but the look was achieved in under 7 minutes.


Mom spritzed a little bit of hairspray on the back to keep the fly-aways at a minimum.


I found this hair style to be very comfortable to wear while we ran our errands and it kept my head warm as it is only a balmy 20 degree Fahrenheit out.

A bit of Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

I am sorry I haven’t posted anything new in a while, the weather this winter has gotten us down and Mommy couldn’t remember her password to my blog. Lame I know but it is true.


1960’s Lemon yellow straw bubble hat with wide yellow ribbon and bow topped with a piece of yellow patent leather or vinyl and matching button. Bright and cheerful perfect for a spring day in the part of brunch with friends in the city.

1980’s Heart dangle earrings give this outfit just a bit of bling.


1950’s Yellow linen wiggle dress. Front has a faux zipper pleated, the metal zipper is down the back. Matching belt that is the matching yellow on one side and white on the other, I turned it around to break up the solid color of yellow.  This is beautiful dress that is perfect for summer time with its sleeveless look or add a cardigan and are ready for cool summer or fall evenings.

The bit of lace is from the petticoat worn under the dress, I believe it gives it a bit whimsy.


Merging several different eras together can give a pleasing look.

Each of these items can be found in my Mom’s Etsy shop, http://www.kvclothing.com


Gold Girl

Simple white sheer scarf, gold tone hoop earring and 1950s dark bluewool felt hat adorened with beading complete this look. Perfect for an afternoon out with friends or brunch on Sunday.ImageImage


You can find these pieces in my Mom’s shop “Kris’s Vintage Clothing”