Lets get this party started

Hello and welcome to my blog, I’m Katherine a 7 year old who loves to put together styles from my Mom’s vintage collection for her shop Kris’s Vintage Clothing which can be found at www.kvclothing.com.


1960’s Romper

Each outfit will be complete with accessories, that I choose myself for each article of clothing.

I plan on picking an outfit each week and writing a blog about the outfit along with links to each piece in my Mom’s shop.

Before you ask yes my Mom will be helping me write each blog and take the pictures, I tell her what I want to write and she types it for me. Thanks Mom!

Good evening and vintage love.


7 thoughts on “Lets get this party started

  1. Hi Katherine,
    I love vintage for little and big girls!!!
    My daughter loves hats and looks great in German vintage and she loves necklaces (we make one up for the day and wear it until we are bored) she loves flowers and candy as well 🙂 I think Katherine if you wear what you love you can do no wrong …
    I applaud you for your new venture ❤
    Eve & Anna

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