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Sparkle Sky

1970’s Blue dress with sheer flowing sleeves and a rhinestone diamond beneath the bust.

1970’s White San Dales sandals

1960/1970s Silver and clear bead necklace.


This outfit could be worn to prom, costume party, wedding, tea/lawn party or to even church. I chose this outfit because I thought each piece would go well together or as Mom says compliment each other.

Black Flower

What is I used: 1980’s Saks Fifth Avenue Dress, 1980’s White and Black 3 strand twisted necklace and 1950’s White Capulet (Hat).


 What inspired me: I really liked the style of the dress with the large flower at the hip and the flower like shoulders. I chose the necklace because it matched the dress and it pulled the white out to match the hat as well as makes the necklace POP. The hat has a lovely black veil and rhinestone brooch.

Mom’s Notes – For a better description of this dress please check out link below.










You can find this dress in my Mom’s shop

Lets get this party started

Hello and welcome to my blog, I’m Katherine a 7 year old who loves to put together styles from my Mom’s vintage collection for her shop Kris’s Vintage Clothing which can be found at


1960’s Romper

Each outfit will be complete with accessories, that I choose myself for each article of clothing.

I plan on picking an outfit each week and writing a blog about the outfit along with links to each piece in my Mom’s shop.

Before you ask yes my Mom will be helping me write each blog and take the pictures, I tell her what I want to write and she types it for me. Thanks Mom!

Good evening and vintage love.